Thursday, June 16, 2011


I need an accountant. I need someone to manage my expenses and keep the numbers straight because no matter how on top of things I stay with my Excel spreadsheet, the numbers don't add up at least a few times a month.

After my crazy spending spree and transferring money from savings to checkings to make sure I don't overdraft or anything, my numbers are seriously off. My spreadsheet says I have $300 less than my bank account. I checked and double checked ever ledger line to make sure I didn't double enter something or forget to add something. I have no holds, I have no bill payments processing. Is it that I'm just that dumb?

How do I overestimate how much I spent and transfer that much from savings?? It's a good thing, if it was just a user error but if it's not then I might overdraft by $300. But it makes no sense. It's like the spending spree I just had never happened and I can put all my money back where it came from.

How do you keep track of your money and do you ever make big ole errors like this on a regular basis or ever?! Has anyone tried an online financial tracker? I never know if they're safe with them having such personal information but clearly I am not safe with my fuzzy math.

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