Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ocean's Eleven is not Legally Blonde

Today I was tired. Sleepy tired and exhausted mentally and physically. And it showed. I tried to workout since I waitress the next two days and won't be able to. I made it 2 rounds of running (I'm just starting so I walk 3, run 2, repeat) and even Friends wasn't going to keep me going. I kept yawning and wishing I was curled up in sweat pants. I tried to do the bike instead for the other 20 minutes since it was a good Friends episode and sitting down was probably going to be easier. After what felt like forever, I looked down and it had only been 5 minutes. I knew that was my cue to just call it a day, rest up and try again later. I guess that's what I get for working out really hard for two hours both nights before.

On my way home I realized it was movie in the park day at my apartment complex. Last night I got so focused on unpacking my room that I skipped painting my nails so I was happy to relax a bit. In my tired state, I was thrilled that tonight's showing was Legally Blonde. While at the grocery store I grabbed some cookies and a few essentials because cookies, sweats and a chick flick was right up my alley.

I surprisingly convinced my roommate to join me (she's getting her doctorate at NYU and I didn't think a smarty pants would want to watch a brain cell killer chick flick. We grabbed blankets, pillows, cookies, etc. and find a nice spot on the grass. The sun finally sets, people kind of shut up...but come on, it's New York, it's not actually going to be quiet for a movie.

The movie starts and the opening scene takes place in Rome. Umm what? I've seen Legally Blonde way too many times to know that it starts with "Perfect Day" at a sorority house with lots of excitment because Elle is about to get proposed to. Not some serious scene in Rome.

Me: "Is this the movie or just the previews?"

Roomie: "It's the movie."

M: "Really? I guess I haven't seen the very start of it in a long time, I usually watch the TV version."

R: "Oh maybe." Confused, "Am I living with a dumb person?" look...and yes, she is way too nice to say "dumbass" or even think it.

The movie continues and there are no blonde sorority girls anywhere.
"This is Legally Blonde right?"

"Umm no, Ocean's Twelve..."

"Ohhhhhhh. Right, I knew that."

No wonder smarty pants was so willing to see it. There's a reason a didn't get into NYU and it's not just because my SAT scores got messed up.

**Side note** I wanted to include pictures from the movie with voice captions to explain the story line of tonight's events. However, I can't figure out Picnik. If any of you want to give me tips or a quick tutorial, I would gladly listen! It's for your enjoyment too since it will make this blog funnier! 

I still enjoyed a free movie outdoors. I have seen Ocean's 11 and idea why I skipped 12. They had dessert trucks where you could buy $5 brownies but I brought my own cookies and a water bottle. Any bets on how many mosquito bites I'll have in the morning?

Bed time 30 minutes earlier than normal and 30 minutes later than I wanted to. Gotta rest up for two nights of working in a row. Can't wait to sleep in on Saturday!

Although it's a little unsettling to not know how much you'll make in a night, a week, or a month and bill payment/extra money is not a given, I do like playing the guessing game. I was shocked to hear X suggest that I would make $220 in tips as the only waitress on Sunday but I blew both of us away with $250. Fingers crossed for more good shifts! It might become a regular thing in my blog since people seemed to enjoy the rainy day guess. Sorry, there won't be prizes every time. Any estimates on how much I'll make? Guesses can be for one night or all weekend.

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