Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear fellow gym members

New Yorkers are weird. Just plain weird. Most days I'm surrounded by so much weirdness that it doesn't phase me in the slightest. Sometimes though it is purely jaw dropping, like the time I walked past a homeless man orally helping out a homeless woman on the sidewalk...if you know what I mean. EESH!

But last night at the gym, I saw some really abnormal workout etiquette that I care to share. Granted, my gym is the cheapest in the city, which probably means it attracts a few more oddballs but still, I don't see how they could take themselves seriously.

1. During a Zumba class, someone was wearing camo cargo shorts.
No joke. I give her credit for working out even after maybe forgetting workout shorts but they can't be comfortable with all the jumping, booty shaking, and funky dance moves we do in that class.

2. Two women were wearing sunglasses. Inside. During their workout. One kept them on top of her head and one actually wore them. It was not because she was blind, I promise I took that into consideration before I categorized it as odd.
They didn't look this cool
3. Sunglasses woman ALSO wore a version of this:
Please keep in mind that she was in her 60's.

4. My instructor herself is in her 30's, wears braces and almost always has a scrunchie in her hair to every class. Braces, I understand because no one wants janky teeth at any age, but a scrunchie? Cringe.

The gym is still the best $20 I spend each month. It fills lots of my time, it has helped me start losing the nanny 15, the college 15 and the internship 20 I gained over the past 5 years (6lbs lost so far), it has helped me start my next big life goal of running a marathon and it has given me a nice routine for starting life in a new city.

Do you go to a gym and if so, how much do you pay? 

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