Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Monday! Oh...wait...

It sure feels like a Monday because I had yesterday OFF! After working Saturday night and Sunday brunch, I crawled into my bed with my sore feet when my boss called to tell me the office had to close because of an electrical problem. And he wasn't kidding! My feet instantly felt better and I was off to M's for fajitas and cable!

Yesterday was a real treat! It was gorgeous outside, I saw Bridesmaids ($6 before noon and I brought my own popcorn...shhh!), I walked around and enjoyed the diverse neighborhoods, met M for a quick coffee break (her's, not mine), did some shopping, and went to the gym. Those last two deserve some explanation.

Yes, I shopped. But not like I normally do. I had a $50 visa card from a rebate from my new phone. I thought they would just put money back on my account but no, I had a card. Originally I just wanted to look at shoes and get an idea of a great pair I could wear for waitressing and another cute pair for walking around town since I do so much more walking in this city. I also needed some black shirts since I don't want to wear the same black shirt to work every shift and I don't want to pay $5 for a load of laundry--I can and will go a whole month without needing to do laundry.

I stopped in Marshalls where they have great discount clothes, much like TJ Maxx. I found the cute pair of comfortable shoes for much cheaper than on the website, check. Then I moved over to women clothing and noticed a whole rack of workout shorts. Ever since I bought these:
I've been living in them. Since I'm training to become a runner, one pair wasn't going to cut it. See above where I talk about laundry. I originally grabbed 10 pairs because I loved all the colors and I was thrilled to see my size since it's apparently pretty rare, I'll let you decide what that means. Although I wanted to leave with 8 of them, I left with two. Kudos to me.

There were no decent black shirts but next door was an Old Navy. I easily found simple black shirts on sale for $7.50. They also had a sale on bathing suits. Since I'll be in Charlotte in less than a month spending my whole weekend in a suit, I figured I'd at least try one on. Yikes. Everything fit fine but the reflection in the mirror was scary. First of all, I got some sun the other day and had some weird tan lines. Secondly, with moving and starting a new job last week I didn't make time to workout and I had taken all of Memorial day weekend off too. Not pretty.

After checking out, I was mortified by the bathing suit try on so I walked directly to the gym. I had intentions to go after Bridesmaids but I got sidetracked and was going to put it off but since I still had my gym stuff with me, I had to go. Fortunately I made it in time for a sculpting class. Bingo! It was great and challenging but I didn't feel awful afterward. As we were leaving, a new class was starting. I had never tried Zumba before but I've heard great things. I assumed I wouldn't be coordinated enough but when I started watching them, I was thinking "that looks easy enough" and before I knew it, I popped in the back door and jumped right in. Yes, two classes back to back. While I was Zumba-ing, I realized the Bachelorette started at 8, right when this class would end. I was all pumped up and thought, "Hey, I could watch it on the treadmill and burn even more calories!"...I swear, I have no idea who took over my brain last night because I'm never that motivated. I think trying on bathing suits was a God send.

I only made it through 30 minutes of the Bachelorette before my feet were exhausted so I called it quits. The subway stop is right outside my gym so I went to get on but it was going to be another 20 minutes for the next one to arrive...that's a whole different post! I could walk home in the same time so I did. Woof.

I finally came home for some left over pizza...yes, pizza but since I can't always afford healthy food, I took advantage of Papa John's 2 for $5.99 each and have meals for the rest of the week. It was a nice treat after working all weekend.

So after all that working out, I'm not all that sore. I feel fine except for walking up stairs at the subway stations. Then I turn into an old woman.
I have a much cuter dress on today...and I don't do hats.

But my question is, for anyone who works out regularly: If your body can work out more, how do you overcome your feet being tired from staying on them the whole workout? Granted, my feet were tired from walking around all afternoon too but still, it's a bummer when that's the only thing holding me back. Is it something I'll just get used to? Is it my shoes? Is there a stretch or anything I can do to make it better? I have this same issue while waitressing for hours on end.


  1. I think it's something you will get used to eventually. Otherwise for work make sure to have comfortable shoes and concentrate on your balance on posture for when you are standing.

  2. The more u waitress the less it will hurt BUT I remember my feet still hurting even after waitressing for 6 months. Just try to do your workouts on days u don't waitress, hopefully that will help =]
    I am so proud of your crazy workout day. The more often u workout, the easier it will be. I ran 8 miles yesterday and it wasn't even that bad! My body is just used to it by now. =]