Friday, June 17, 2011

I feel like a stripper

I have to take a lot of singles to the bank in large amounts when I deposit my tips. Yes, credit card tips come in the form of my paycheck but I save up my cash tips from a few shifts before I make a trip to the bank. I always wonder what they think my story is. It's probably pretty common with all the waitresses/waiters in New York, but you never know since there are plenty of strip clubs as well.

Anyway, last night we had 4 waitresses, which turned out to be 2 too many. My tables wrapped up nicely all at about 9pm and I was out of there by 9:30 with $102 in tips. Hells yeah! Whatever I make from last night, tonight and Sunday will be on my last paycheck of the month before I start putting money towards August loans so it's pretty rewarding knowing that I will get to directly benefit from this money.  

$102 from last night alone means $51 to my credit card bill, $25.50 to me and $25.50 to savings. Nice :)

After work I met up with my friend B at the bar she works at. Since she knew the bartender, we got free drinks so my fun night out costs $5. Not too shabby. B has a beach house in NJ and invited me there for the day on Saturday. I'm debating going since I will be busy the next few weekends and I've been wanting to go but I still have unpacking to do, I'd like to sleep in, I wanted to get a good workout in and some other friends are having a girls night out. Fortunately she said I can wait until after work tonight to see how I feel and decide then.


  1. At least you're making extra dough and not doing stuff like this:

    I did the real job and the side job (retail) for a little over a year and it sucked. I made so little doing the side job that the stress and interference with my 9-5 that's never really that (7am-8pm, holla). I really should have acquired some waitressing skills in college ... BLAST!

  2. That article is awesome! And actually pretty true. My rent is that high, money does turn into monopoly money when you're wasted and I'm definitely paying off loans. However, I don't have an iPhone nor do I buy organic expensive foods! The waitressing gig definitely helps though!