Saturday, June 4, 2011

I could get used to this!

I'm being wonder woman at saving money the past 24 hours without cramping my normal routine too much.

Waitressing last night actually went really well. I didn't completely screw up anything and the place and people seem cool so I wouldn't lose my mind spending hours of my life there. My favorite part is that I don't have to carry big huge trays and definitely spilling everything all over myself and ruining people's meals. That was my biggest fear but fortunately we have a guy whose sole job is to run food out and help clear plates. I may carry one or two plates at a time but I can handle that.

So by the end of the night, the really nice lady training me told our boss I was a pro and that a) I should be able to leave early and b) I did a great job. Yes! I guess he forgot that he told me to come in for brunch today so he asked if I could come in on Sunday. I asked if he still wanted me for Saturday but since brunch is slow on Saturdays he is having me come in Saturday night and Sunday brunch. Nice! I don't think I'm getting paid for training but if I find a place that I would like to work at, it's worth the orientation phase. And now that I don't work until 5 tonight, I can go enjoy the nice weather outside for a while and not be bored on a Saturday night.

After work last night, I met my friend at a bar where she is bartending, literally 3 blocks from my new apartment. Way convenient! A few of my friends met up with me and since I lived so close, I didn't have to share a cab with them! YAY! Besides tipping my friend, we got free drinks and still had our usual fun.

Then this morning, I saved money by making pancakes for breakfast instead of always going out to eat. I accidentally didn't buy the pancake mix where you only add water but the box had instructions on making 5-7 pancakes so I made those and sqeezed at least 9 pancakes out of it. Now I already have breakfast ready for tomorrow and probably another meal sometime in the next few days.

One more thing before I go enjoy the sun...when I was at my friend's bar last night, she said they are always looking for bartenders to help them out. Additionally, they only like to hire inexperienced people so "they don't take advantage of the bar"...not sure what that means but I'm definitely inexperienced! So I told her I could definitely do a Friday or Saturday shift, not every week but maybe one or two. She makes up to $300 in one night, which would be amazing extra income for me! She said she would talk to her boss today so fingers crossed!

Are you doing anything to save money this weekend?

Also, I need to stock my fridge and cabinets a little better if I'm eating at home so much more. What are some of the cheapest meals and foods you eat?

Happy weekend everyone!

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