Friday, October 1, 2010

Apparently it's October!

Where has the time gone?! I can't believe I've been on my own down here for four months now!! I feel like just yesterday I was finishing up finals with a broken foot and now I'm a koozie-usin', ya'll sayin', Duke's mayonnaise usin' southerner with an entirely different life that I never could have expected even six months ago. Wow. It shocks me nearly every day how much life has changed and I couldn't be happier.

Today will be a great day and it will continue all the way until Monday! Then I turn right around and leave Thursday for another fabulous get-away weekend! Sometimes I can't believe how much life rocks right now! Yes, money is an issue but I'm trying. I ate dinner at a friend's house last night, ate a very filling (and healthy) breakfast that I made myself and brought food for lunch and snacks. I even planned ahead and brought stuff for meals for Monday since I'm going straight from the airport to work. It takes a little extra effort but it's going to be so worth it to hold on to my money for once...or at least put my money where it belongs (savings, loans, bills etc...not fast food, bars, the mall!).

With the credit card payment I talked about yesterday, my Express card is 100% paid off (the purchase was from over a month ago I swear!) and I'll be making a payment of $323 to my credit card. Besides the recent flight purchases, I haven't put much on the card at all besides stupid tiny things like Starbucks etc. (which I have vowed to stop! Duh, didn't you read yesterday's post?) So it will be under control with some hard work. Since I have two full months to stock pile some money to prepare for these student loans, I should have my credit card paid off and some money set aside so I can stay afloat with loan payments until I can get a higher paying part-time job. I'm determined to make this work.

All morning at work I am anxiously waiting to hear the doorbell ring from the UPS man. My wonderful mom (I'm not southern enough to ever call her "mama"...or maybe she's not southern enough to ever be a "mama"...either way, she'll always be mom or ma) has boxed up and shipped me 5 boxes of my things from home! Clothes, my George Forman and skillet, boots, and more! It's going to feel like Christmas!! Couldn't be better timing either because there's a TINY chill in the air (nothing like in Minnesota but down here apparently this is what fall feels like) and I'll need some fall clothes for my trip to NY where it actually is chilly.

I'm hoping the majority of the money I spend this weekend is limited to train tickets to and from all of my destinations and buying koozies for souvenirs (how expensive can those be right?). I know a day in the city can really add up but if I do it right I can pull it off without breaking the bank (good thing street vendor hot dogs are a nice $2 meal :) How I've missed those!!)

As I'm typing this, Pandora played me a fabulous song that I'll share with ya'll to hopefully smack a smile on your face so I'm not the only happy one around here. I've always loved this song but I just love Beyonce's version. I have replayed it maybe 20 times already. Hope you're smiling now if you weren't already! If you don't like that one, try a little bit of Amos, he is the ultimate best. He instantly makes my heart happy no matter how I felt prior to listening to him. I have yet to hear a bad Amos Lee song.

It's the last two days of this 10 posts in 10 days deal so here's day nine:
2 words that describe your life right now...
1. New-I'm constantly learning about new things or new vocabulary or going places I've never been or meeting new people now that I'm down south. I think it'll be a long time until I get bored around here!
2. Fortunate- I have been given a lot of great opportunities the past four months, have fantastic people in my life and I get to travel and see a lot of the people I miss this month. I've had a lot of time for myself, to do what I want and to figure out who I am. It's not all easy, that's for sure, but I am definitely one lucky kid.

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