Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Official Student Loan Report

The time has come the walrus said... pay my student loans.

I've mentioned that the due date is coming up and the bills have arrived so here's the monthly payment break down:
Loan #1: $41.23
Loan #2: $128.14
Loan #3: $168.55
Loan #4: $168.76
Total: $506.68/month for the next 20 years............

As of tomorrow I have $36.93 set aside for loans. I know it's not a lot yet (and frustratingly low considering I could have done a lot better but the past is the past and I'm starting fresh so I am maintaining a positive attitude!) but it's almost enough for the payment of loan #1, which is a start. I'll keep this progress updated because I'm a little kid that needs a chart to track my progress for all to see for all you curious, inquiring folks. Enjoy!

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