Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good afternoon!

Well it's been a few days and really there's not much new to report. My loan fund is slowly increasing which makes me happy :) I also got another part time job (only 8-10 hours a week but hey, it's money) at the local newspaper so I'm excited to be doing something I really enjoy. I start Monday so I'll be sure to tell you how it goes!

House sitting has been going well but I've been slacking on cooking and bringing my meals so far this week. I haven't spent too much money or anything drastic but I could be doing better. I have a little bit of time tonight so maybe I'll figure that out.

I feel like I've been pretty busy lately but I honestly don't know where all my time has gone. No complaints though, it's almost Nov! (And I laid out on the porch this past weekend...I love this southern weather!!)

Oh and I was able to get my BC for free this month (thanks Amelia!) so I took the money I would normally spend on that and paid my minimum payment on my credit card. I do plan on paying off more of the card than that but for now, it's a start to keep me out of credit trouble. Also, I was convinced I didn't pay my entire bill last month and I was dreading to see how much interest would be added to my card but it turns out I must have paid it all off since there were no interest fees in sight. Whew!

Also, I have officially cancelled my subscriptions to both Blockbuster and Netflix. A)I hardly used them anymore and B) clearly I have more important things in my life that require that money each month...duh.

I have been babysitting more lately and I'm definitely happy about that. Honestly it's not even about the money, I really enjoy hanging out and being a goon with the kids. Sadly, the family I frequently sit for cancelled a few upcoming dates so hopefully I hear from them again soon to schedule alternative times. I sure hope I didn't do anything wrong to make them not want me back :( I'm trying not to take it personally.

Anyway, I babysit again this Friday for another family so my loan fund will continue to grow bit by bit. Otherwise I have no other plans for this weekend so hopefully I can find some inexpensive things to do. Still have half of my allowance left, which is good since I'm half way through the pay period.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

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