Friday, October 15, 2010

French Toast and Cheeseburgers

There is a cafe down the hall at work and they just got new management and cooks. Yesterday morning as I walked to the bathroom, the most delicious smell of french toast filled the air and man it was hard to resist! Instead I went back to my desk and poured myself a bowl of off-brand fruit loops (I won't go into detail but the off-brand variety includes a dye that has some funky side effects but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to take to save money...look how hard core I am!) and poured myself a cup of free work coffee.

Later that day, I'm in my boss' office having a pretty serious discussion when the most fantastic smell of what was probably the best burger in the world came wafting through the vents. I literally burst out mid-sentence "I WANT A CHEESEBURGER!! DOES ANYONE ELSE SMELL THAT?!" All I got was weird looks since apparently I was the only one smelling it but man, I would have sold my soul to the devil for a juicy cheeseburger at that moment. But instead, I walked to the break room and heated up my third day of lasagna without a complaint....

This is probably because I justified it with the fact that I had just grocery shopped the night before and now that I have my George Foreman back, I decided to buy hamburger stuff. So when I got this great whiff, I thought about my purchase and decided I was going to make my own juicy lucy this weekend! YUM :) I'm pretty excited for dinner tonight now.

Speaking of grocery shopping...I'm doing a great job realizing the food I have and buying only what I need to make complete meals out of said food. As a result, I have plenty of meals lined up for the next week and I am still well within my limits of my grocery fund. Nice! Good thing I have plenty of time this weekend because it looks like I'll be doing lots of cooking.

Babysitting got cancelled for Saturday...bummer. However, I did get a few more jobs lined up for the up coming weeks and I'm looking forward to those. Also, it turns out I'm making nearly a week's pay for house/pet sitting this week...woah! Talk about boosting the loan fund. Within the next week, I should be darn close to the total amount I need for all of my first loan payments. Once that's settled, I can start saving for the next month. That will buy me some time until I can land a better paying gig. Good thing I have all weekend to continue my search.

Also, since I'm house sitting this weekend and will be away from my work out machines at my apartment, I decided to get a free week trial at Bally Total Fitness, which is close to my boss' house. Since I don't have plans anyway (man do I sound like a loser!), squeezing in a few good workouts sounds like a good idea. Eating inexpensively can usually mean it's unhealthy too and boy has that taken it's toll on me the last four months. I'm working on it...

Another thing I've been working on is conserving utilities. It hasn't been hard to do since I've been gone so much recently BUT it's the lowest it's ever been and I still haven't been uncomfortable. It's very comforting to know that I can easily afford my utility bills with my current's the little things.

P.S. Babysitting is actually back on for tomorrow night :) My bank account will be even more of a happy camper. I love when more of my checking account transactions are deposits than withdrawals and so far this week, that's the case :)

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  1. (I won't go into detail but the off-brand variety includes a dye that has some funky side effects but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to take to save money...look how hard core I am!)