Thursday, October 7, 2010

It was a short break

Well after a lot of hard work, a readjusted mindset and a few strokes of luck, I'm back. I won't go into detail on where I went or why right now but I'm back and that's what matters.

New York was fantastic. Much more expensive than I planned (surprise surprise...sorry credit card...) but a great trip. It took a lot of train rides but I was able to see everyone and it felt great to be back in such familiar areas.

Since I've been back, I have spent less than $5 on anything less than gas and my cable bill. It hasn't even been difficult, I just have had to make smarter choices. When my friends are going out to dinner, I go home instead. It's worked out well because I've been so busy I haven't had much opportunity to spend money even if I wanted too.

I'm heading to New Mexico tonight to visit my sister with my mom. I have $50 to spend for the next 4 days and I will limit myself to that. When I get back Monday night, it's back to a really busy schedule and then payday is that Thursday (Monday is a holiday so payday gets bumped back). The funds for gas and groceries are still in tact and I have food at home that should last me so I should be ok.

I have two shifts at Express next week that I will finally be able to go to (no matter how hectic the week is already turning out to be), I am babysitting Wednesday night and I have just been asked to pet sit for my boss for a whole week starting mid-week next week (Goodbye social life!). Starting with my paycheck tomorrow from Express, all of this money will be saved for my first loan payments. I will have to save for that and set aside enough for at least my minimum credit card payments with all extra money that comes my way from now on.

I know I always say "slowly but surely" and give all this false hope that I'll get back on track but then I find a shinny pair of shoes and my intentions are shot to hell. But honestly, I have no choice. I'm reverting back to my college kid days where I put off an assignment (savings/loan payments etc.) until I have no choice but to work on it 'til it gets done just in time. Not a great habit but since I have no choice for the next few months, maybe that will transfer into better spending habits for me.

I can't wait to see my mom and sister again! It's been months since I've seen both. We're going to see the hot air balloon festival, travel up a mountain and see the air force base where my sister lives. Let's see how far my $50 can stretch me :) Have a great weekend everyone.

Oh...and I never finished my 10 days of blogging. Mostly because I don't have a confession to share, which is Day 10. I haven't thought of a good one that doesn't bare my entire soul to the world (which I'm not willing to do today). While I'm typing this, however, I thought of one very relevant to today and not at all soul baring. This is my confession (to the tune of Usher's ditty):
I've been flying on air planes since I was mere months old thanks to my mother's employment with Northwest. We had lots of family to visit so I quickly became accustomed to frequently flying, even though I was often air sick. One thing that distracted me during the ill feeling of taking off and landing was looking out the window and trying to predict the correct number to countdown from so when I got to zero we would either be off the ground or I would feel the bump of the wheels slam the pavement. Upon first glance I would determine how far away I thought we were and then pick a number-usually no more than 10-and I would play a game with myself to see if I could time it correctly. It's silly but I still do it today. I did it on my flights last week and I will do it again this weekend on all four flights (stupid layovers). Quirky but definitely a part of me that most people don't know.

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