Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Late weekend wrap-up

New Mexico was a great time with my mom and sister. My abs are still sore from laughing so hard I cried...that happened countless times so I'm sure you can imagine.  Minus two purchases, I stayed within my limit of $55. I did pay $30 to do a spontaneous Race for the Cure 5K (great cause and I've always wanted to do a 5K...although I walked a lot of it...altitude + asthma sucks for my lungs but I tried!). Anyway, I even turned down getting my nails done because of my 5K registration fee. We even went to two different malls and the only thing I bought was a birthday present for a friend. Multiple times I picked up items, walked around the store with them and then gave them up before I got to the register. I was proud of myself but really, I had no choice. All in all, my budget is still in tact.

When I got home last night, I dove right back into penny pincher mode. I've had a frozen lasagna in my freezer for weeks now so I stayed up late to cook that for my meals for the week. I thought it would work out nicely since I was staying up to watch the Vikings game anyway...what a BAD idea that was! Ask anyone that knows me, I HATE Brett Favre. Always have, always will, and yes, even when he did do well for our team last year, I still hated him! Last night's game put the nail in the coffin of me EVER liking him. Man was I livid. Anyway, So I whipped out my tupperware and have lots of lasagna. I'm even eating it right now on my lunch break. I stopped at the grocery store this morning to get some milk so I can have cereal for breakfast so I won't need to spend a dime on food this week.

My friend recently pointed out that I should check the terms on my student loans to see if they're really all over the period of 20 years. It turns out two of them are only for 15...only. But still, that's 5 years I could be putting that money towards something else (like my other loans because duh, I'm doing the snowball effect! Thanks Dave Ramsey!)

Lastly, I just got a message this morning that there might be a cheaper place for me to live when my lease is up! It would be $500 total a month, and that includes utilities!! That would save me $225 a month! Umm yes please! I've gotten really accustomed to living on my own and having my own space to do whatever I want...yes, I dance around in my underwear at 1am sometimes...but I love these girls and it would be nice to have company to come home to every day. Nothing is for sure or set in stone but definitely something to think about.

And umm...the GAMECOCKS WON!! Fantastic weekend! Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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