Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

I skipped brunch and saw The Help instead. The book is better but the movie ain't bad. I think my teeth need a break from popcorn for a while though. Plus, no one needs to spend $8 on popcorn when making it yourself is nearly free!

I got drenched grocery shopping on the way home. I realized I can spend about $15-$25 a week at the grocery store and be pretty happy. That usually also leaves me with a few extra items to use for future meals (i.e. bbq sauce or butter etc.) or in case of emergencies. I can stretch it even more on the weeks I really need to. The meals aren't always balanced or the most nutritional but I try my best. When I do go out to eat with friends, that's when I buy the healthier options (usually) like salads, chicken & broccoli etc.

I plan on making Penne alla Vodka with chicken and broccoli tonight for some meals for the week

I have become sick of the usual meat sauce and pasta meals I've been making so I'm hoping this spices things up a bit. I defrosted some chicken I bought on sale a while back, I'm using my frozen broccoli, pasta is really cheap and a jar of vodka sauce was $2.99.

M finally returned to NY last night so I went to her place for dinner and conversation. I ordered a salad (see above) but really I should have brought some Ramen. It's so hard to pay $12 for a salad...and that's cheap in New York. 

This morning we signed the lease. Here's how it went down:

Leasing agent "Once you sign everything we need your deposit check." Excuse me?
Me "I gave you that check last week with our application!" --panicked that the money was lost somewhere!
LA "Oh right. Well we use that as your first month's rent so you still need to pay us the $2000 deposit today."
Oh hell no! Who does he think we are?! He's seen our application, he knows how much we make.
Me "So we don't pay this month's rent on the 1st? You need it well before the month starts?"
LA "Yes."
Me & M "Well, we don't have that money just yet since we don't get paid again until Friday and we just cleared our accounts getting you the deposit. Can we pay you Friday?"
LA "Let me check."...big sigh..."Yes, I guess that's fine."

Lots of mental (and a few real) middle fingers may or may not have been involved.

AND to top it off the first month's rent is a certified check, not a regular check. So even if we had the money to pay it today, they never told us about it so we would have gone all the way there, had to go all the way back to our bank and then all the way back to their office. Seriously. Do they hate us?

So just as M's money from the first check gets deposited back in my account, the majority of it will come out again. Tonight I plan on sitting down with my spread sheet and organizing all my funds. With all these money transfers, it's gotten a little out of control and I need to know where I stand. I hope it's not awful but there will be an update either way.

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