Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear Mint.com

You know you need coffee when you start typing this blog post in your browser before you even get to your blog page. Definitely just happened.


Dear Mint.com,
I really do appreciate your services as an overview of how crappy my financial situation is. It's a decent reminder that I should not go out to lunch. I even appreciate your feature where you contact me if a large purchase has been made in case of fraud. However, it hurts my heart a little bit when you remind me on a regular basis that my rent check is a "large purchase". Yes, I know rent is out of control high. I do not need a concerned reminder every month.

I know this is an issue of my own doing, because let's be real, you and I both should be concerned about how much I'm paying for rent and I should probably move elsewhere. But until I move, I sure hope I can adjust these settings so I don't feel defeated on a regular basis.


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