Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

Work last night was pretty decent for being a summer Saturday night. I don't know where most people disappear to but it sure isn't the New York bars. They're probably frolicking in the Hamptons...although surely most New Yorkers can't afford that.

One girl couldn't make it in so I had the floor to myself. Thank goodness! I got my paycheck and it was $96 instead of $45, there I go again with my fuzzy math.

Anyway, by about 8pm all the tables I had were finishing up and I figured the night would chalk up to chump change. We had one reservation booked for 8:30 but that was it. They called to see if they could change their reservation from 3 people to 5. Please do! I joked to the bus boy that I wish they would have changed it to 10. Sure enough, around 10 o'clock a party of 11 came in to eat. Score! Another party of 8 came just for drinks but they were too big of a party to sit at the bar so I got to wait on them too. The night ended up raking in $141 in tips for me. I'll take it!

We got new uniforms, which is just a black shit with the restaurant's name on it. Unfortunately they are trying to sell our sex appeal (whatever that is) so even a medium is too tight, is low cut and rides up and the sleeves hardly cover my shoulders. I didn't realize I signed up to work at Hooters. Oh well, as long as I'm not running around in booty shorts, I'll make it work.

I'm only scheduled for next Saturday night but this morning I got a call asking if I could come in tonight and maybe cover a few shifts this week for a girl who has a family emergency. Sure thing boss! I'll find out tonight what other shifts they need from me but I'm happy to work any of them.

Maybe life will get busier and finances will get better sooner than I thought! fingers crossed!

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