Saturday, August 6, 2011

15 Things Friday...the Saturday edition

This will be randomly out of order so bare with me!

  1. I think M and I found an apartment. The rooms are big but it's a pretty typical NYC apartment. I called 7 places this week and not one of them returned my call. We put the deposit down on Monday so fingers crossed that it's still available. 
  2. Credit check fees are really stupid. "Please pay me so I ca see where you stand financially". Well, sir, if I pay you, I will not be in a great place financially so really you're making this worse than it should be. 
  3. When you rent an apartment in NYC, they want you to give them a kidney before they agree that you're a legit candidate to rent they're 5 x 5 crawl space with mice. Really? I need to dig up W-2's, pay stubs from all my jobs, my tax return, a letter from my employer, a letter from my landlord, $100 cash for credit checks AND $1000 deposit. Good God. You must have good credit and you must earn 40 times your rent. If these were gorgeous, fabulous apartments, fine, I get it. But trust me, they are tiny shit holes so please Mr. Landlord, don't act like your shit don't stink!
  4. M left for home yesterday and left me with a check for $1000 so I can get a certified bank check and put the deposit down for our apartment. From the time I left the leasing agency to the time I got to work, I lost her check. I. FREAKED. OUT. I had images of some freak running around NYC with a $1000 check trying to cash it and completely screw us out of money that we barely had. Then I'd have to pull $1000 out of no where to pay her back. Fortunately, X knocked some sense into me and told me to tell M to cancel it. Duh. It costs $35 to cancel a check. What are these financial institutions trying to do to us? At least $35 is better than $1000 by a landslide. 
  5. Since I lost M's check and she will be gone until next week, I have to pay the deposit myself and she will pay me back. Fortunately yesterday was payday and I'll have just enough to pay everything. That means funds are really low until I get her money. This will get interesting real quickly. Fortunately I was able to grocery shop with $8.78 last week so I have enough to get by for the week. At least I should. 
  6. I said "no" last night. I was supposed to get drinks with a friend but with that morning's financial adventures I told her I'd have to pass. When I got home from work I got an invite to dinner and Crazy, Stupid Love. I SO wanted to go. But I said no. I got some work done, watched a movie and went to bed. Not an ideal Friday night but I didn't die. I do want to see this movie and maybe I'll even go tomorrow morning before noon when it's $6. 
  7. I work tonight. I'm pretty excited to make some money and see the schedule for next week. I know it's likely that I'll only have one shift next week but it's still nice to get an idea. Since the shifts here have been so inconsistent I am trying to not depend on this money but take what I get as unexpected extra help. I'll take what I can get and just keep praying that shifts pick up with football season.
  8. Thanks to Cely I have been informed that one of my poor foods is apparently as toxic as a cigarette. Hot dogs have always been awesome in my book. I mean, I know they're not great for you but toxic?! That's going to put all the hot dog carts in NYC out of business and it's really going to put a kink my list of poor meals. 
  9. I have next Friday off. What should I do?
  10. My mom started a personal consulting business and I'm helping her with social media. It's pretty interesting and gives me even more reason to be on blogs, facebook and twitter...uh oh! 
  11. I have a new addiction to Kraft mac & cheese. It is the ultimate comfort food, especially the shapes. If only it were good for me! 
  12. I haven't been to the gym much lately. This is terrible news and that stops tomorrow. I'm going. And I'm going next week too. Just because I'm broke doesnt mean I have to stay inside all the time since I already pay to go to the gym.
  13. We wont have cable at the new apartment. I'm debating getting Netflix or Blockbuster. Did you know Netflix changed their plan and the most you can rent at a time is 1 disc and it's still $15? Yes, you can stream unlimited but the choices aren't that great. I think I'll go with Blockbuster if the restaurant job picks up. 
  14. I need to read more. I love reading while I wait for the subway etc. but when I'm lounging at home, I rarely do. I have a long list of great books to read so I need to trade some computer time with reading. 
  15. Target is having a sale on furniture this week. It sucks that I need furniture yet can't afford to buy it right now, even when it's on sale. So when I can afford it I'll have to pay full price. Bummer. 
That's all for now. Lunch time (pancakes or spaghetti?) and off to retrieve my phone charger before work. Enjoy your weekend!