Monday, August 29, 2011

A rainy weekend

So we had some rain. Sometimes it was pretty windy. Otherwise it was life as usual.

I now have too many candles and too many non-perishable foods but I'll use them all eventually right? As much as I was looking forward to a little bit of excitement around here, I'm glad most people are safe and Irene really wasn't that bad.

I wasn't able to work at the restaurant this weekend, which is a financial bummer but a personal win. I needed a day off desperately. I work next Saturday and Sunday so I'll be plenty busy then. Life at the restaurant has not been so great (minus the money it's been downright terrible) so I'm thinking a change is in order. I will tackle that once I move this week and get more settled in.

Once I move I also plan to make the gym a regular hobby again and to continue my avid reading. I might even get a library card but for now, books on Amazon are $4 (used) and that's a decent deal to me.

Ebay items have started to sell and the results are minimal but better than nothing. It clears out some space and puts a few dollars in my bank account. Just in time to blow it at Target for apartment essentials.

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have kicked off your week on the right note!

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