Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Strand and the not running

Yesterday I went to Strand bookstore. 

I needed to get a book for my book club meeting next week and A) it was too late to order it inexpensively online and B) Barnes & Noble is out of my price range these days. The Strand is pretty famous in New York for it's "18 Miles of new, used and discounted books". Here is some history from their website:
"In 1927, Ben Bass opened Strand Book Store on Fourth Avenue, home of New York’s legendary Book Row. Named after the famous publishing street in London, the Strand was one of 48 bookstores on Book Row, which started in the 1890’s and ran from Union Square to Astor Place. Today, the Strand is the sole survivor."
I will definitely be taking some of my old books here before I move in a few weeks; earn some cash, save some space! I did eventually find the book I was looking for but while I wandered the store, I mysteriously ended up with a handful of books. I never know how that happens! I slowly started eliminating titles from my pile and texting myself the book information to save for a later purchase or even maybe a library rental. Then there were three:

This Is Where I leave You is my book club selection, so I had to get it. It took a very serious mental pliers to pry the other books out of my hands and place them back on the shelves, but I did it and I immediately had to leave the store.

I walked around the area for a while and despite a full 45 min of window shopping, I wasn't tempted to buy anything. I found plenty I wanted, but nothing I was willing to give up the last dime in my checking account for. It felt great.

One thing that hasn't felt great is skipping the gym. I've been either too busy or too lazy to get my butt there and now it's been so long I'm completely out of habit. I'm making a vow to change that this weekend, starting tonight. I need to get serious about running again and I need to get back in shape since all the cheap meals I'm eating lately aren't exactly diet friendly.  Although I might look like this on the treadmill today:
Hey! She's wearing the same outfit as me too! ...joking, I promise!
at least it's something and I'm finally getting some use out of my $19.99 a month!

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