Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to the working world

So this is what it's like, huh? Waking up and seeing black, the same color you fell asleep to. Hmmm...foreign concept for me lately but so far so good. It was a good run unemployment but it's time that we break up and I quit back-and-forth relationships in high school so take that as a hint that I don't want you back.

For those of you who were sad to have your last First Day of School, like I was, wait until you get a new job. It's the same thing but this time a paycheck is involved. My mom even "jokingly" hinted my aunt and uncle should take my picture on the front steps. Too bad my camera is out of batteries ;)

Day 1-I'm coming for you! I did all I could to ward off this crappy illness I've been fighting-still not gone but manageable, I have all my commuter stuff ready to go and my super awesome uncle is being so nice and driving me to the train station.

Here goes nothing!

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