Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Thermos Test

Yesterday at Target I bought a $5 thermos to use for my morning coffee/water bottle for my new commute. I worried that because it was so cheap, it might be a waste of money so today I decided to test it out at home.
please ignore my chubby cheeks

It's pink, cute and lightweight. It held my coffee well today so it's a keeper. It kept my hands warm but wasn't too hot. The opening is big enough to fit a big spoon to stir in sugar and creamer as well as ice for when I finally switched to water.

I'm so glad I thought inexpensively and saved a decent $25 on a thermos even cuter than the big, thick and plain black one. Score.

Let's hope my $1.84 umbrella is just as awesome. Looks like I can test that out tomorrow with the serious rain we're expected to get.

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  1. I love your cheeks! And I love your cute lil business lookin top!