Friday, March 18, 2011

I survived

I survived (and thrived at) my first week at the new job! It's been a great week here and I can't wait to keep coming back. With the new schedule, I've been pretty swamped so I'll give you a quick post on my lunch break.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a few more tips on saving money while working (yes, being a professional does cost money, even though you probably only focus on the fact that you're earning money). You have to have nice clothes, you have to prepare meals on the go, transportation, etc.

  • Clearance sections are fantastic in general, unless you need something very specific. If you wear dresses and tights to work (I do), you can always check out the clearance section of Target for tights. I found a couple of great pairs in a variety of colors for $1.98 each. Much, much cheaper than the $5-10 (at least) pairs.
  • Take advantage of all things free. This week, work had two free pizza days in honor of March Madness. Even if it was less appealing food, hello, free lunch! Do it! Also, every Friday they serve a spread of breakfast foods in the cafeteria. I'm normally pretty cheap with my breakfasts but hey, this saves me food and time.
  • If you decide to purchase a "thermos" like mine, aka the $5 stainless Steele water bottle, and you're afraid to drink hot coffee from it on your commute because it's tall and if you tilt it too far and the train jolts simultaneously, you have hot coffee all over your work clothes that you will be in for hours and hours, use a straw. When I had this fear on my first morning, I thought "crap, I should have bought a real thermos for more money with a normal drinking hole". But ah, ha! A straw is such a simple solution, however unconventional it may seem.
That's all for now. Gotta finish up some work and I'm heading out for the weekend on this beautiful Friday! 

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  1. I constantly rip my tights so I try to get the cheapest ones possible :)