Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I couldnt resist...

Last night I was a victim of strategic marketing. I went to the gym with every intention of just learning about prices so I know for future reference and to get a free workout in. I left with a membership and a great workout. Their normal registration fee is $299. If you signed up on your first visit, they knock off $100. And with my employee discount, they knock of another $150! Hot damn! How could I pass that up? The workout classes I took alone are worth the $20 monthly membership for sure and now I can really improve my running and shed these extra pounds.

I know it may not have been the smartest purchase I've ever made since I do have workout DVDs and it's getting nice out so I can run outside. I get it. But the damage is done. More motivation to get that 2nd job and more motivation to really get all my money's worth at this gym! If it gets REALLY bad, they have showers at the gym so I can at least save money on my water bill...mostly kidding. At least my sore body is overriding my guilt. That class really kicked my butt (and legs and abs!) last night!

I even made a workout buddy. I was wearing a MN t-shirt and when we got partners for an ab workout, she commented that her parents live in MN-in the town next to where I grew up and my parents still live!! Small freakin world! Anyway, being new to NYC, I'm always up for meeting new people and that was part of my goal of the gym. I didn't realize it would pay off within the first visit! We're going to Monday's sculpting class and I'm definitely excited!


  1. I just signed up for a marathon training group, and I'm totally looking forward to making running buddies. Plus, a buddy at the gym will keep you going there.
    The more you go, the more water you can save. Win-win!

  2. Good for you Paula! I just spent 2 hours there last night so definitely starting to get my money's worth!