Sunday, March 20, 2011


As it turns out, my place of employment is on a "current pay" schedule, meaning you get paid immediately for the work you do. I didn't realize this until Friday when they handed me a paycheck for my first week. Sweet! It felt great to see some money coming in and I can finally start a normal, regular budget.

That said, the money will all be gone pretty quickly. Between loan payments and having to buy my monthly train pass ($318!), my bank account will go back to being sad. I did put $500 into a savings account from my tax return but my goal is to actually keep it here. We'll see how realistic that is.

In preparation for the week, I went to the grocery store to make a meal to bring for lunches. I bought what I needed to make tortellini with meat sauce with a side of broccoli, plus apples that I eat for breakfast, all for $22. Considering meals in New York are hard to find under $8 minimum, that saves me at least $18. If you add that up over 52 weeks, that's almost $1000 in savings! Totally worth it.

Anyway, this is just random, probably because I'm sleep deprived after a week of early wake up calls and a late night out last night. Sleepy time!

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