Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Target Trip

I love Target. My waistline now loves target too. I was worried about fitting into my work pants after a recent weight gain so while I went to get my commuter merchandise, I strolled through the clearance section of clothes. Did I hit the jackpot or what?!

I found 5 dresses that are similar in style, very professional and flattering/forgiving for $12 each! This is one of them, and at the location I was at, the price really was $12.98-not that online price. No. Way. I decided to buy them all, try them on for my aunt and let her help me decide if I should return any with that great deal. I tried to find the rest online to show you but they weren't on the website...although now that I looked there are many others on clearance that look awesome as well. These dresses would give me a great alternative to sucking in my gut all day everyday.

I also found comfortable/professional shoes and of course Target shoes are reasonably priced. Bargain!

I also found an umbrella on clearance for $1.84 amongst all the bigger $12/$16 umbrellas. I'm slightly embarassed because it has butterflies on it but it's really not that bad (probably why it was on clearance) so I'll chalk it up to another score!

I saw some thermoses for $30. They're kidding right? Mine was $5, pink and will easily work for both coffee and regular water. Plus it has a nice clasp I can attach it to my bag and not worry about it taking up space.


  1. Good girl! So proud of your bargain hunting :)

  2. Target is seriously THE best. I love their clothes!