Monday, August 30, 2010

So that's what relaxing feels like?

I find it very rare when I choose doing nothing over being social, especially being the new girl in town. Well this past weekend, I did just that and it was pretty fantastic. KP came to town so it was the perfect combo of good company and laziness. Rather than going to a Knights game, we relaxed in my living room and managed to keep ourselves entertained with scratch off cards the grocery store gives away with purchases. Friday I worked a half day and we relaxed by the pool all afternoon. A few errands were run but overall, very low key day. We tried to socialize Friday night but we ended up staying at a friend's house playing card games and watching Eddie Murphy stand-up comedy.

Saturday we managed to feel exhausted so we spent the morning watching a movie/napping. We eventually ventured downtown Charlotte on a mission for the Pita Pit. There was one on campus when we were freshmen/sophomores but it closed and we were devastated. It turns out their website says there is one in both Raleigh and Charlotte so it's been our mission to go. We didn't quite make it there when I visited in Raleigh (long story but worth it) so we were determined to go to the Charlotte location. We followed my trusty GPS Jack downtown, found a fantastic parking spot but Pita Pit was nowhere to be found. Anywhere. After a call to 4-1-1, it turns out there is no such thing as a Pita Pit in Charlotte. What a let down. We settled for Qdoba, which apparently was a bad choice. We felt disgusting for a long while after-entirely Pita Pit's fault. We hit up the mall on the way home. Got my extra discount at Express and bought: two tops and a dress. I am probably returning one top and the dress because realistically, I shouldn't have spent my money. They're both really cute but I don't need either of them. Being smart financially sucks :(

Anyway, once we arrived back to my humble abode, we sat on the couch feeling like crap for a solid hour. We were supposed to go out with a group of friends but that didn't sound appealing to either of us. We opted to pull my mattress into the living room and watch movies on TV all night. We ordered Olive Garden to-go and cuddled in our PJ's all night. It was pretty fantastic. Luckily for us, some great movies were on! KP had never seen "Remember the Titans" and conveniently one good movie was on after another. The $13 I spent on dinner was a MUCH cheaper option than going out that night anyway. Apparently the group we were supposed to meet up with was out until 6am!

KP left Sunday morning and I lounged at the pool all morning/afternoon with a book and a delicious McCafe iced mocha :) (KP and I got a BOGO coupon!) I was invited to a fish fry for dinner (I love when my friends have fish fries because it's just like home to me (and I don't have to cook!)). So I did socialize finally but I have no regrets about being such a homebody this weekend. It was much needed and maybe I'll do this more often!

I kicked off my Monday with a $1 Sausage Egg McMuffin from McDonalds thanks to a coupon and I had left over Olive Garden for lunch-YUM! I'm going out to dinner with my great aunt and uncle tonight and I'm really looking forward to seeing them again! Wednesday is payday and it's coming at a perfect time! It's less than normal since I was out sick last week but it should be enough for me to make it work.

I updated my budget after this weekend and the rest of last week. I'm still staying afloat and I've managed to pay off my credit card bill in full this month. I have a tough balance for next month but my most recent payment already put a minor dent in it so hopefully I can conquer it and quit this bad cycle of mine. Unfortunately I didn't work at Express this past weekend and I have next weekend off too so that will hurt big time. I really need to start saving for these loan payments coming up so I need to get my act together asap. I know I keep saying this but I really do plan on being more strict with myself financially and finding ways to save money on necessities and cutting back on my "wants".


  1. Having an entire relaxing weekend is the best! In reality, they don't happen often but so nice when they do.

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend :)