Friday, July 16, 2010

What a steal!

Wednesday I finally had a night off from working both jobs. I was finally out of bread, eggs and milk so I had to run some errands. I left myself with $6.24 to buy groceries until I get paid next Wednesday.

When I charge items to my debit card, my bank adds an extra dollar to my total and puts it into a savings account. Although I'm sure this is a good thing but when I'm working on a tight budget, every purchase costs more that way. So anyways, I really only had $5.24 to buy these three items and I really wasn't sure if I would do it.

Well, I did!

Do you remember that Spanish grocery store really close to my house that I mentioned? It's fairly in expensive apparently. I got bread, milk and even an 18 pack of eggs all for $5.22! In the same strip mall as the grocery store, there's a Dollar General (there are A LOT of dollar stores around here!) and I figured it was time to finally buy some laundry detergent. I stopped in and $7.50 later I had detergent softener, a cookie sheet and toilet paper! When I moved in, my apartment complex gave me a goodie bag with a roll of toilet paper and I've been living off that ever since. It was finally time to get some more and I got six rolls for $1!

MG sold a couple of my text books back for me and he took my gift card for Corepower Yoga to buy me a set of the Yoga Sculpt DVDs. He sent those to me along with a coupon I had received for $45 towards Express! That package arrived today so I have to get weights to get back into shape! I'm going to do a little bit of comparing online to see if Walmart or Target is better but I can't wait to get started! Sounds like a good way to spend a Friday night :)

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