Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th Everyone! Yes, I'm a day late but I do hope everyone had a great time! It was my first weekend in my new apartment and at first I was a little sad I'd be all alone for the holiday. I was wrong since I actually ended up having a great time!

Friday I really enjoyed setting up my apartment. I had $150 to spend at Target and $40 to get some groceries with. I ended up only spending $139 at Target and have most things I need. I didn't overspend so I'm pretty happy with myself -- although I wish I would have paid $5 more for bedsheets to get sheets a little nicer than cheap hotel sheets. I decided to try out the Food Lion grocery store and it was alright. My groceries have to last me until Thurs when I get paid so I tried to get items that would make multiple meals but I didn't do a good job prioritizing the items in my cart though because I reached $40 way too quickly. Since I had an extra $10 left from my Target money I put that towards groceries too. I ended up with bottled water, diet coke, bogo hot dogs and buns, ketchup, ramen, mac and cheese, pasta roni, pb & j, bread, pancake mix and syrup, cereal and milk.

My only problem is, I meant to get stuff for a meal I can take for lunches and dinners while I'm working. Tues and Thurs this week I work during the day and go straight to Express for a closing shift. If I brought tupperware meals I can save some money so I have decided to give myself a little extra money to get stuff to make a meal or two. That extra $20 is coming from that $300 I was going to make a credit card payment with. I paid $280 instead and that will do for now.

Saturday night a friend I met through a volunteering committee came over for pizza and an Office marathon. We got delicious pizza and crazy bread for $8 from Little Ceasers and she brought over these awesomely decorated cupcakes! Very inexpensive night but lots of laughs!

Yesterday a co-worker of mine asked if I wanted to go out on the lake with his friends. I never like being the new kid in a big group of people but it ended up being SO MUCH FUN! The weather was perfect and his friends were really cool. It felt like home being out on the lake and everyone was fascinated by my accent lol. I only spent $2 on dinner so definitely an inexpensive day.

My goal is to get through this week by spending as little as possible. I have $26 left in my allowance and that should last me until at least Thurs. Here's the kicker though: My paycheck will only be half it's normal amount because I was gone for a full week for CUSA. I still have to do the math to figure out what that means budget wise but things are going to be pretty tight for a while. Good thing I bought ramen!

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  1. I'm glad things are working out for ya down there :)