Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back in middle school again

I just printed off a bunch of flyers for babysitting, house sitting and/or pet sitting and went door-to-door with them at my apartment complex. I'm hoping I get at least a few calls or e-mails from interested people since Express isn't scheduling me much (I make more babysitting anyways!). My boss even sent out an e-mail to her friends with my flyer so that might bring in a few interested people as well.

I also made a comment about babysitting on my facebook status and one of my friends commented that her cousin just moved down to Charlotte with her three boys and definitely needs a sitter. Yes! Her cousin even called me tonight seeing what my availability was for this weekend. She'll call back to let me know which evening she needs me but I'm definitely excited to have that potential. Even if I work two hours I'll earn the money back that I spent on the flyers but I'm sure hoping that over time I can create a decent savings with this side job.

I wish I had more hours at Express but next week I'm only scheduled for a call-in shift on Sunday and a closing shift on Tuesday night. Not exactly ideal so I'm doing what I can to find other options through babysitting etc. Cross your fingers for me please! I need all the work I can get!

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  1. Good luck! Not a bad idea to have a cash-pay job :)