Friday, July 9, 2010

A first time for everything

There's always a first for everything. This doesn't always mean good things and that's the case for my current situation. August will be the first month that I don't pay my entire credit card bill in full by its due date. BUMMER! I'm definitely not pleased but I'm paying as much of the bill as I can and the rest of the bill will be paid asap!

As I've recently mentioned, my credit card bill is pretty high. I make payments whenever I can but as I've also mentioned, this week's paycheck is half of what it should be. I'm just really hoping the interest from not paying it in full doesn't drown me. Looks like I'm going to be eating ramen for a little (or maybe a lot) longer than expected.

My Express money and any babysitting money I get is going to the card so hopefully I can get as many shifts as possible. I did land a babysitting job for next Sat. morning and I'm really looking forward to meeting their family!

In other job news...MG has an interview lined up for his visit here in 2 weeks! It's not in the actuary field that he got his degree in but it's a start. It's for a warehouse company and comes with great benefits and it would definitely help us with expenses and start working on a savings and loan payments! AND that means he could maybe move down here a little earlier! YAY! Cross your fingers for him!

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