Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hard work pays off!

This afternoon I had a call-in shift from 3-8. I've never had a call-in shift before and I must say I'm not a huge fan of not knowing for sure if I will have to come in until 2 hours before the shift. I spent my morning working out and getting some sun reading by the pool so the thought of work didn't sound too appealing. When I called however, my manager says "we definitely need you" so my relaxing day was cut short and I got in work mode. It didnt take too long to get excited for work since I definitely need the money.

This weekend at work they were having a contest which associate could sell the most jeans during the busiest segment (every 2 hours is a new segment). Normally we never get commission so this was a different mindset. It turns out my shift on Saturday had the busiest segment and I tried hard to win. Since it's pretty obvious I won't be shopping for fun anytime soon, I was pretty eager to get a pair of their new jeans. Work has really been encouraging us to buy their new denim line and I didn't want to be a bad employee but there was just no way to afford it, even with the extra discount they're offering on them. While we were closing tonight though, my manager said she had a present for me-a free jeans certificate!! Now I can be current with their clothes and not even spend a dime! Give me a goal and man will I be motivated!

Express also asked me to come in for an hour (yes, 1 hour...) tomorrow night from 9-10 to help them close the store. I am eager to get all the hours I can but I wasn't thrilled about driving home from my day job, driving ALL the way to the mall and ALL the way home again just for a 1 hour shift. So now I'm just going to try to work late at my day job and bring dinner to eat there, relax at a local Starbucks or Barnes and Noble and then head to the mall before they close to pick out my free jeans :) There's no point in wasting gas and nothing too pressing I needs to be done at home so I'm sure there's plenty of exploration I can do in the Charlotte area between jobs.

ALSO! Someone asked me to take their Saturday night shift next weekend. That means I'll babysit in the morning and work Express at night! Yay for money! Also one of my nannying BFF's is driving through Charlotte on her way to her Dad's house in Florida so she'll be staying with me Sunday night! I'm so excited to see a familiar face, especially one I get to see so rarely anyways! I'm saving one of the rare nicer meals I have for when she and her mom visits (that's right, guests get special treatment-sans ramen!) and in the mean time, I've been doing really well at not spending any money. Let's hope I can keep it up this week!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you got a babysitting job! I'm sure that will lead to more of them, too! Yay. And i'm very excited for you and ash that you get to see eachother. =) Oh, and for matt's interview.

  2. Congrats on the new jeans! Glad you got a babysitting job and picked up a shift for Sat. Keep up the great attitude and know that we're proud of you!