Monday, August 25, 2014

Still Going Strong!

Has it really only been 2 weeks since I started this challenge? I feel like I haven't been to Target in ages! The idea of swinging through a drive-through is becoming foreign to me. Are there moments of weakness where I really, really, don't want to prepare my lunches or cook dinner? Occasionally. Did I almost buy the latest IWYP shirt from Whitney?
Yup. The invoice was even sent to my inbox before I cancelled it. That was the closest I got to buying clothes because these shirts can only be ordered in a 1-month window and then they're gone. But when I thought of buying the shirt and then owing Olivia $50, the tank-top suddenly wasn't worth $75. Funny how that works.

There have definitely been a few of these texts, too.

And while it hasn't been a breeze, it hasn't been that hard. I make an effort to have food options available, I've explored new outfits from my own closet and there's been absolutely nothing I need from Target.

Whenever I get the idea that Chipotle sounds good or I could kill a half hour at Target, my brain automatically thinks "I can't" and I find an alternative and move on. It actually feels kind of incredible to feel this habit change. I'm starting to think I could go more than a month without these things.

Now, it takes 66 days to form a habit and I'm only on day 14 so there's still a ways to go. I can already tell there will be bigger challenges where I'll want to spend. However, I'm learning that this habit is the first step in successful money management. It's not about side jobs and trying to make more money, yet. It's about learning to control the money I do have. I could make all the money in the world but if I don't change these spending habits, that money will still be gone in a heartbeat.

Today is exception day: The Minnesota State Fair. The fair of all fairs. The biggest in the nation. When the challenge was made, I said my sister being in town and the State Fair were the two exceptions. I have not abused my sister being here, I have only paid for 2 meals out. And I won't abuse the State Fair exception either. I will have $50 cash and when it's gone, it's gone. Fortunately, having 5 people in our group means I'll be able to try a little bit of everything without breaking the bank. Check out the list of new foods available at our fair this year!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find an outfit with an elastic waistband so I can eat cheese curds, a bacon wrapped turkey leg, mini donuts and anything else my $50 will buy!

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  1. Enjoy the cheese curds, they are my favorite! Unfortunately won't be making it to the fair this year :(