Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Foreign Concept

Tomorrow is payday. Typically this means I can finally stop scrapping by and buy more things. Or in last paycheck's case, it means I am impatiently waiting for funds to hit my account so I can get out of a negative balance (yes, that really happened. I'm definitely still clueless).

This time it's different. This morning, as I reviewed my budget, a funny thing happened. I have money left over in most categories! And not just a few cents here and there. Money worth transferring to a pesky credit card balance!

Granted, with my sister being here, I've used my credit card a little bit too. And there were a few one-time scenarios where I spent more than I normally would in a given week (the State Fair, Fantasy Football Draft, etc.)

But seeing money left over at the end of a pay period is just the incentive I need to keep going with this challenge. In fact, starting September 6th I'm upping the ante with a more difficult challenge. More on that coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. Living paycheck to paycheck I too fall victim to the negative balance hell. I just opened an alternative 'spending' account, CapitalOne360 checking account and they have an overdraft safety net, plus no overdraft charges. The bank I was using would charge $35 for every overdraft charge. Sooo painful to the ol checking account.