Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My weekend on a spending challenge

The first weekend of my no-spending challenge (no Target, no going out to eat, no buying clothes) was successful! And it wasn't as difficult as I expected!

Plans to go out dancing were replaced with yoga pants when my friend wasn't up for it. This worked out well because I undoubtedly would have spent unnecessary money on drinks and drunk food. Instead, kicked off the weekend by going to the bank and the grocery store. I got a Jack's frozen pizza and a cheap bottle of wine, which combined definitely cost less than ordering a pizza like I normally would have.

I spent a quiet night balancing my budget with Friday's paycheck and making a payment of $431 towards my credit card. That felt pretty good!

I enjoyed the gorgeous summer night by sitting in our screened-in porch, drinking wine and reading for Monday's book club. I wrapped up the night by renting a cheap movie off Amazon Instant Movie. Simple and affordable!

Waking up without an alarm was fantastic on Saturday, especially since I didn't sleep the day away. I made scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, coffee, and finished my book on the screened-in porch. It was such a nice way to start the day!

Do you know what else is free? Cleaning! My room needed some serious cleaning since I have a bad habit of doing laundry but not putting anything away. I cleaned corners of my room that have been cluttered since I moved in. I swept, which is especially important when living with 2 shedding labs. I even managed to sweep the screened-in porch. You're welcome for not posting pictures of the disgusting amount of dirt and hair I collected!

With all of that clean, I made lunch of leftover breaded chicken and mac & cheese. It felt great to make an effort to eat food I already have on hand!

I did some resume work and reading and boom! It was time to go pick up my sister from the airport! After not seeing her for 1.5 years, it felt SO great to run and hug her, just like a scene in a movie. Our family got drinks and appetizers before calling it a night.

Sunday we had a family reunion at my parent's house with plenty of food and laughs. I stole some food to take home for dinner and I ended the weekend preparing meals for the week, watching some TV, and talking Fantasy Football with my roommate.

It's not always easy to find alternatives to spending money but if you make an effort, it really doesn't have to be that difficult!


  1. Beast! You're amazing, Katie! Proud that it wasn't bad at all--and that you were able toclean for funsies. Well done!

  2. Jacks pizza and a bottle of wine! I have those nights too and I don't hate them!

    1. Nights like those beat bad first dates anytime, which seem to happen a lot lately!