Friday, August 15, 2014

Spending Fast: Day 5

It's been a full work week since I gave up Target, going out to eat, and buying clothes. And honestly? It's been ok. It might have helped that I've had work events nearly every night this week, providing free food and drinks. It might have helped that my Team Leader showed her appreciation for a particularly big project by buying our team Starbucks and lunch yesterday. But I haven't caved.

This is the longest in a while that I've gone without buying all of the above luxuries and when I look at my finances, I'm realizing that it just means I'm not digging my debt hole bigger. The money really isn't there to go towards extra debt at this point because I haven't had a new paycheck, until finally today. I'm learning that I spend out of my means all the time and it quietly pops onto my credit card.

Recognizing this behavior is obviously a good start but it feels like a setback when I expected to already have accelerated debt payments.

The bright side is that with today's paycheck and bonus, I don't have to dig myself out of a bigger hole. Extra money can go towards a debt that's not rising. I'm frustrated at how obvious and basic this is, so apparently I am still Clueless with Cash.

In bigger, better news, my sister comes to town TOMORROW!! She is in the Air Force and has been stationed in England since November 2013. She came home in March 2012 for her wedding and I finally get to see the couple for a full 2 weeks starting tomorrow. This will undoubtedly cost some money but I'm keeping it to a minimum.

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