Friday, September 16, 2011

Pick your battles

I have a big weakness for traveling. It doesn't help that the majority of my best friends are long distance so I love to take opportunities to see my favorite people.

In the past I have made some poor financial decisions in order to squeeze in fun trips. I have diminished my savings multiple times and I visit Expedia nearly as often as Facebook...ok maybe not THAT much but it's close.

Recently, a few trips have been thought of and I would LOVE to go. I got a text on Wednesday from a southern friend asking if I was interested in meeting our crew in Florida for a cruise in December.

Umm duh! I would love to! The fare is really inexpensive for a cruise and flights aren't impossible. SO tempting. But I have to say no and put my money towards smarter things.

Additionally, the Vikings play the Panthers in Charlotte the weekend of Halloween. How fun would it be to fly down there and spend a weekend with my favorite southerners and finally catch a Vikings game?
I miss you too AP.
Don't lie, McNabb. Nothing can make your worn-out self better. Just go home already.

Again, flights aren't unreasonable and there are some decent tickets available for the game. Still, it's money I should be smarter about and I was just there in July. I'm sorry boys, you'll just have to suck it up without me. I think your multi-million dollar contract should suffice.

I wish I had more friends that had the travel bug so I could save some money on trips and host friends in my town for a weekend or two sometime. It's not like I live in a boring Podunk town or anything...

Anyway, it's all about picking your battles. I do still want to go down to Dallas in March and visit a bff from high school and also meet up with my nanny bff to run a half marathon. I don't think that is frivolous because it knocks out 4 birds with one stone but I also have to buy a plane ticket home for Christmas soon. Guess I have to start saving!

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