Monday, September 26, 2011

Motivational Mondays - Get your butt to the gym!

Too many people sign up for a gym membership with great intentions and then throw their money out the window while they sit on the couch. I will not be one of them anymore. 

I pay $20 a month for a gym membership. I paid $50 to get started and they charge $50 once a year. For NYC, that's a pretty great price for a gym with classes, showers and open 24 hours. That's still $290 a year that could be going to pay off my debt but being healthy is important. I have spent most of my life out of shape and this needs to be the year I change that. I was doing well about going to the gym regularly (even a little too much some days) when I first got the membership but I have slacked off big time in recent months so I'm wasting my $20.

That's about to change with this week's goal. I have been in very popular demand for babysitting since I started on SitterCity so most evenings and weekends are booked right after work for most of the evening. Since my gym is much closer to my day job than my apartment, I never make the hike back to the gym once I've gone up to my neighborhood.

If my evenings are booked, it really only leaves the mornings to work on my fitness. I am not a morning person but I'm going to try. I have to make it a priority now or I never will. So here's the plan:

Monday and Wednesday I go to work early so I can leave early to babysit. I'm being realistic to know that I won't get up even earlier on those days to run, especially on a Monday. Tuesdays and Thursdays however, I can wake up by 6, out the door by 6:15 and get in a half hour with the treadmill before I shower and go to work. I don't babysit every Tuesday and Thursday night but this schedule leaves me free if I get asked. When it works to go to the gym after work, I am available to do that too.

On the weekends, I will run outside or make the hike to the gym.

Your goal may not be running but whatever it is you do, or want to do, to get or stay in shape, how do you motivate yourself to do it? How do you workout inexpensively?

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  1. Dave and I just became slaves to the gym tycoons about a week ago. We also get free tanning with our memberships. Love it! We went on Friday Saturday and Sunday. We plan to go at least every single Sat. and Sun. and I still go about twice a week during lunch at work. It makes me feel awesome when my muscles get sore and I know I did something awesome for my body!