Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just my luck

I babysat like a crazy person this past week and it has really paid off. I had plenty of money to go out with friends this weekend, put some aside for savings, and ultimately pay off my Express card (the payment has yet to be made but it will by Monday). I was feeling really good financially. And then...

When I got home from babysitting last night, I discovered my computer charger was not working and/or my computer was not taking a charge. Crap. I tried everything to no avail. My co-worker also has a mac and she brought in her charger today to let me test it out. My computer will work with her charger! Whew! Fortunately it's not a serious problem with the computer that will cost me $300. Unfortunately, I have to pick up a new charger today for $80.

I will still pay off my credit card but I'm really disappointed that once again my savings will be depleted even after all my hard work this weekend. It's hard to maintain momentum when roadblocks happen but at least October will start a clean slate with one debt completely eliminated. I will babysit my heart out and just keep chuggin along.

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