Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apparently it's December already

Time really does fly. I'm about to celebrate my 6 month anniversary with the Carolinas-baffling! So it's been a while, and I mean a while! I've been here and there and all over so I'll do a brief summary via bullets, mixin' things up!

  • I visited KP in Cary. Fun as always. Lots of good food, lots of good talk, lots of laughs. Love her. Did alright with money until I found Old Navy. Two words: Sweater sale. Crap. 
  • Paid Chase loan bill. Never fun. No Justin Beiber look alike though at least.
  • Major headache/flu for a few days. Missed some work. My upcoming paycheck is going suck really bad. Hello ramen. 
  • HOME!! I surprised my dad and sister with the help of my mom to come home for Thanksgiving!! SO SO SO FUN! LOVED being home, spending a WHOLE day with my family laughing and eating and playing games! Loved seeing my friends and seeing my breath when I breathe and hearing all the accents. The number one thing I'm thankful for? The fact that I can return home much worse off than when I left and everyone still loves me unconditionally and I'm welcomed with open arms by everyone I love. Best feeling hands down. 
  • Budget? What budget? I didn't spend much at all while at home (thanks mom and dad!) and haven't done much spending besides bills, gas and groceries since I've been back but I haven't updated my budget in well over a week. I'm not worried but I probably should do that soon. 
  • My second student loan payment comes on Friday. Ugh, it's already getting old. I have enough money set aside for it though but I will wait a little while to pay it I think. 
  • I cooked my lunch on Sun and have done a good job eating it all week. 
  • I'm obsessed with guacamole and take every chance I get to eat mexican...heffer. 
  • ATLANTA! This super nice guy I met tailgating one weekend has offered me a FREE ticket to the Gamecocks SEC championship game in Atlanta this weekend! Road trip! I'm going with my friends from here and meeting up with him later. How nice of him is that?! I'm still shocked since I've only met him once but I know we'll have fun! We leave Fri straight from work and come back Sun!
  • I'm writing another story for The Herald for next week. It's a two parter and I'm happy to contribute more! 
  • I am also obsessed with Ray Lamontagne. Especially "Let it be me" but really, all songs are great. Also, "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" is my favorite Christmas song and it's my new ring tone :)
  • I got a Blackberry again. My mom got a phone upgrade and I got her old one for free. I've re-joined the 21st century. Yay. 
That's all for now. I'm starting this Reverb 10 project. I will keep the posts separate from my going-ons but I think it will be fun and keep me writing more...which I'm sure you're just THRILLED about! Don't lie.

Happy Hanukkah and Happy December!

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