Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Major recap

Yup, it's been over a week. Sorry. I've done this whole two-jobs thing before but for whatever reason I'm exhausted these days. I got to a point last week where I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained to the max and have spent far too much time laying around since then. It's been kind of nice letting myself do that for once and I probably would have lost my mind if I didn't. Anyway, here's a recap of my last week:

I didn't do a great job of preparing meals last week. I didn't spend outrageously but there are a few meals I could have brought instead of bought. I blame the whole exhaustion thing I just mentioned. Oh well, I've been much better this week, although I did make a Starbucks run for a VENTI this morning after working until past midnight last night and I'm at my other job already. I deserve it. Anyway, I made a delicious chicken meal the other night and I got a few good groceries to help with bringing meals, I just have to make the extra effort to bring these meals to both jobs, which isn't always easy when I'm distracted with both jobs. For example, I worked until midnight last night and I forgot my food in the fridge at the newspaper so now I couldn't bring it for lunch today. Bummer. But at least I have dinner tonight. Can you tell where my brain is at? I'm just rambling, sorry.

Anyway, Friday I went shopping with a girlfriend and man was I good. I must be in a shopping funk because I didn't find anything at any of the five stores we went to. I was trying to find an outfit for the Gamecocks game and I did find a dress at Kohls but I'll be returning it this week since I didn't even wear it. I would rather exchange it for a Gamecock's sweatshirt and/or t-shirt so that's what I plan to do after work tonight. I did go tailgate for the game but rather than find a random ticket for way too much money, I went to a bar and watched it for free with some friends. Much smarter idea. Saturday was also the night most people went out to celebrate Halloween. I did go out but after a long day of football, I didn't drink-I would have fallen asleep in an instant. So I had diet coke instead and the bartender gave me all my drinks for free :) It pays to be responsible! It probably would have been best if I stayed home to sleep since I did spend too much money on cabs and admissions but oh well, I experienced my first "line dancing club", so it was worth it.

Sunday I was lazy all day (minus some cleaning). I did order a pizza for the football game because I needed to mend a broken heart (very very long story that deserves no more time and would bore everyone to tears but it hurt), little did I know watching the football game would make it worse. The Vikings officially suck and we're on a break until further notice. But after the game I went to a friend's house for board games and passing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters-talk about fun! By the time I went to bed my heart didn't hurt anymore so that shows you how much it mattered.

Moving on, Monday I cooked myself a delicious dinner. Afterwards I tried to be lazy but for some crazy reason I was craving vegetables big time. I pulled myself up off the couch and went to the grocery store and man did I get some veggies! Everything I bought was healthy (green peppers, asparagus, apples, broccoli, wheaties, salad, ground turkey etc.) and it was only about $35. I can't always buy so many fresh foods but a friend pointed out that apples are really cheap and with peanut butter it's a really filling, healthy snack-and she's right. But I have to ease myself into all these healthy foods because man my stomach wasn't happy after a serving of broccoli. I wish my body reacted that way to junk food instead but I'm working on it. Thanks everyone who gave me advice on inexpensive healthy eating!

Yesterday was election day and after working at my full-time job, I worked past midnight at the newspaper. Oofta. I learned some cool things about politics (I really need to learn more-politics for dummies anyone?), ate some free pizza, finished my book while I waited on results and tried to do a few interviews for the winners. Great experience but man I'm tired. The sun isn't even up yet today and I've been at work for over an hour. Oh well, I'm so thankful to be working and have the opportunity to work so much.

This weekend my old roomie KP is coming to visit again. SO EXCITED! I'm even introducing her to the Gamecocks! I just got us tickets and I know it'll be a fun time. We opted for upper level seats to save money and I'm very happy about that decision. I think we're staying in Columbia that night and going out with friends after the game-hopefully it's not a very expensive weekend but I have set aside some money to prepare.

Yesterday I finally took some time to update my budget. I've never been good with Excel spreadsheets and math but after multiple entires to my budget, all the numbers added up correctly and all accounts are in good shape. I love those moments!

There are some pretty major life changes in the works lately and I can't wait to spill the beans all about 'em. Until then, happy hump day!

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