Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clearly I know nothing about interest

A few posts back, I was slightly dreading the interest that will show up on my credit card bill this month. I'm still new to this whole "not paying my bill in full" and I hope to not stay in this boat for long and then never return...a lot like dating...
In any event, I looked at the interest rate my credit card bill had, I looked at what my unpaid balance would be and I thought I did the math correctly so $120 would be charged to me for not paying my bill entirely. It seemed high but I figured that's how the damned companies make their money and I had come to terms with that (although part of me panicked because I quickly saw myself drowning in interest like those scary commercials). Anyway, I got my statement and I was charged $13.44 in interest. How was I so far off? I mean, I'm not complaining in the least because although I am pretty ashamed to have interest build up, I expected it to be much worse.

I just made a payment, which was double the minimum amount due so at least my credit won't be hurting. Now it's just a matter of saving money for loan payments and putting the rest towards this card. Ugh.

Luckily, I picked up a few more babysitting jobs, which never hurts. So I'll work late at the Herald Mon and Wed and babysit Tues and Thurs. Then next week I work the Herald M-W and babysit Thurs & Fri. Busy busy but it's definitely a good thing. I am excited to have that income coming and it's all stuff I enjoy doing. I have been at the Herald for over two weeks now, meaning I get my first paycheck sometime soon. That's always helpful of course so I'm squeaking by as best I can...as long as you don't consider how pitiful my kitchen cabinets look right now...

I'm joining a book club and I have to go get the book tonight since we meet Monday. I've been meaning to go pretty much since July but I haven't dedicated enough time to get the reading done in time and/or something comes up the night of the meeting that I can't go (i.e. babysitting job). I've researched a little bit about the book and I'm looking forward to reading it and meeting new people. I'm also going to a church small group on Sunday evening so hopefully that leads to some fun opportunities.

Back to work for me! Gotta love lunch break blogging.

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