Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was absolutely great. I thought about doing a "High/Low" post to avoid from rambling but there are more bullets for each category than just one. Bare with me.

  • Cousin bonding time over a movie (Life As We Know It) Friday night. I surprisingly enjoyed the movie and loved cousin time over popcorn :) Inexpensive, relaxing night. 
  • The Amos Lee concert was awesome! He is fantastic in concert and we made friends with other fans which lead to a marathon night of barhopping fun. 
  • Brunch in NYC is one of my favorite things.
  • So is walking around Central Park on Sunday mornings, while laughing at how hilariously fun the night before was. 
  • Completely forgetting about finances and spending more money than I should have Sat. night. I was living in the moment and realized this morning that I now have zero money left for fun or restaurants until the next paycheck (although I am going to Philly this weekend and have separate money set aside for that...thank goodness). Oops. I need to start bringing a limited amount of cash out with me, instead of my debit card because those tab minimums get me every time. Lesson learned.
  • Being a little too tired this morning and shutting my alarm off and waking up 15 min after I normally leave. Luckily I leave much earlier than I need to so I wasn't really late. But I rushed around so much that I didn't grab my workout clothes for the gym, did my makeup on the train and didn't bring coffee/breakfast/lunch.
The lows were worth it because I didn't go completely overboard and didn't have to take too much away from my savings deposit. I'm still saving over $350 from my paycheck I got on Friday so it all works out. Overall, great weekend. 

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