Monday, April 4, 2011

Wants Vs. Needs

Growing up, my dad always emphasized that there is a major difference between wants and needs. You need water, food, a bed, a job etc. You wanted candy, brand name clothing, books (although I argue that one) etc. With my strong love of shopping, it's so easy for me to justify buying things that I want because of a need I feel I have. Instead of acting on those impulses because I'm kicking this habit big time and making no justifications for things I don't need. These are all wants.

Bossypants -- Tina Fey
Her new book comes out tomorrow and it's received great reviews. I've always admired her success and talent and I know it would be a funny read. I'm fighting every urge to not click two buttons and download it onto my Nook.

These awesome running shoes
I really want them in purple but they don't have my size and green would be kinda cool. I've always been a fan of shocks and I've been working out more and more these days so cute shoes would be great motivation, I like to think. I'm even training to finally be able to run a 5K. I can only dream.

With my newly in-shape legs (at least they will be come summer after all these gym workouts), these shorts from Express
I have never been able to pull off short shorts but I hate "mom" jean shorts and I think these are the perfect solution. I have a dark denim pair and wore them all the time last summer. 

While we're at it...
An apartment in NYC
That's what I'm actually saving up for but it probably won't look like this. The one I rent will be half this size I'm sure. I want that big bookshelf too!

And of course...
My student loans GONE!
This was actually a Google Image, people share my pain

Now if these were gone, just about everything else would be manageable. I absolutely cannot wait for the day I turn 40 and these bad boys are out of my life forever! Or I wish I could stumble upon thousands of dollars so they'd be gone well before I was 40 so I could actually save for something better, like vacations or my kids college fund.

What kinds of things are on your want list?

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  1. I too want a big bookshelf, but for now I got my books in a old cedar hope chest, which is still pretty cool, but then no one can see my book collection :/