Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Remember Me?

Already noted, it is lame when bloggers are not consistent...I know. On that note...

Sorry I've bailed recently. Work has been cray cray (if you haven't seen the show Happy Endings you probably should). I could easily EASILY work overtime but it is not in the budget so I just have to work faster, meaning no lunch break for this here blog of mine :( Additionally I took a computer break this weekend after the work madness to visit my family in Chappaqua. Well worth it. Additionally #2, I've been babysitting most nights I'm free. And now I leave tomorrow for back to back work trips for 2 weeks. Whew!

Lucky for you, I'm going to start making scheduled posts so you will still get your Motivational Mondays and your What I'm Reading Wednesdays and a few regularly scheduled, though random, posts in between. I can tell you're excited.

These scheduled posts may not be starting today so bare with me.


  1. Glad to here you're keeping busy...on a positive note more babysitting = more money! It also seems like the busier life is the more I get stuff done because I do not have the luxury of thinking, "Oh I'll do it later" so in a way staying busy can be productive albeit exhausting :) Thinking about you lots!

  2. Thanks Laura, you're so sweet! I am much more productive when I'm busy too!

  3. I'm never consistent on my blog either :S Glad to see you back though :) Kara XOXO