Friday, October 10, 2014

How to pay off student loans faster

The spending challenge is still going strong and there are no signs of caving. It feels great to be making such progress! But I am a doer. My paychecks only come twice a month and my extra income does not result in daily payments to my debt. So the days in between can feel unproductive, even if not spending money is actually very beneficial to getting out of debt.

I was starting to get antsy that I won't be able to make another debt payment until payday next week. That feeling usually spirals into thinking if I can't make immediate progress, why not go spend money? I know it's not logical but impatience never is.

Thankfully, I came across a company called Gradible. They provide you with tasks that help local businesses in return for money that goes straight to your student loans! Tasks vary from writing content, like a blog post, to posting services to Craigslist. The tasks are worth LoanCreds, 100 LoanCreds = $10. Easy!

When I registered, 3 tasks in 30ish minutes and earned $16 off my student loans. It's not a ton of money but it can really add up and shrink your debt! It will especially help ward off those impatient feelings of not being able to immediately see numbers go down.

This is not a sponsored post by any means but I do believe in sharing how to pay off debt! If you want to do the same, sign up here and we'll both get $5 off our loans!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! Never heard of this!! How does payouts work? Do you have to get a certain amount and then they pay your loan directly? Goes to PayPal? etc

  2. Good thing you were able to find another way to pay your student loans, KP! I can only imagine the frustration you felt while you were dealing with your unpaid student loans. However, I commend you for looking for other ways to gain income, without removing your focus on your studies. Kudos to you!

    Stanley Erickson @ Bankruptcy Happens

  3. This seems cool. Thanks for letting us know :)

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. This post explains the award in the beginning and the questions for you are at the end of it.