Friday, December 2, 2011

Fitness Friday - BIG News!

So I don't have much to say about healthy eating etc. this week. That's a good thing because I want to jump right into fitness. Something pretty cool happened this week and I'm SO excited to share it.

M and I ran around the reservoir on Wednesday night. She does 2 laps while I do one and she finishes just a few minutes after me. Yup, interval training isn't exactly speedy work but that's ok. I stretched while waiting for M to finish and a big group of runners came in right behind me and joined me in stretching. Since I find it difficult to meet new people in this big city, especially interesting ones that share my interests, I figured I would ask if this was a running group with hopes to join them sometime. As fate would have it, I was talking to Team In Training, a group that runs and raises funds to find a cure for Leukemia, the horrible reason for MG's younger brother's death a year and a half ago.
We didn't chat long but I went home and looked at their website. You select a race to participate in, and TNT helps you train and raise funds while building a strong sense of community and friendship. Umm right up my alley, especially for a cause so close my heart.

I dream big so I after a few minutes on the website, consulting with M and MG, I signed up for the NYC half marathon on March 18 and pledged to raise $1600!!

You guys! I can't run 1 mile without a few walking breaks. 13.1 miles is just 3 short months away and I'm training in the coldest months of the year! OMG I'm freaking out! I'm SO excited for this challenge and adventure but yikes!

You can read my story and donate here :) 

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