About Me!

Hey cool kids! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm Katie and I'm Clueless with Cash, literally. Since I ventured into the adult world, I wracked up a ridiculous amount of student loan debt and I enjoy shopping a little too much. After a few years, despite good intentions, I'm still sitting with significant debt and this blog will capture my progress to becoming a little less clueless. I hold a full-time job in marketing and I work side jobs, such as babysitting and Katie Pelton Resumes, with the goal of paying down debt faster. I'm open and honest about my financial ups and downs so contact me if you have any questions!

Now, life is more than just money. Here are a few other fun facts about me:
  • I'm 26 and might be finally settling into a grove that I love
  • I'm from and currently living in Minnesota (Go Vikings!). But since graduating college, I've also lived in both North & South Carolina, both New York City & state, middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin, and upstate New Jersey. Yup, I've moved 17 times in 8 years! But I recently fell in love with Minnesota (finally!) and have grand plans to stay.
  • I took a 2 year break from Clueless with Cash and wrote a lifestyle blog. I'm happy to be back in my niche. 
  • I had a different blog once but someone stole my pictures to catfish people and I wanted a fresh start. This blog will be a little more anonymous in regards to pictures but I don't want to compromise my enjoyment of blogging just because of creepy catfishers!
  • I once was engaged for six months and I've managed to stay friends with my ex. Yup, an exception to the rule but I completely understand how difficult it can be.  
  • This is the longest I've ever been single and I'm learning so much!
  • I have asthma but I ran the NYC 1/2 Marathon in 2012. There's a difference between being out of shape and unable to breathe :)
  • All of my best friends have been long distance at some point or another and most of them still are. This is a major reason I travel as often as possible. The other reason being I have an incurable case of wanderlust.
  • I would love to be a mom (eventually!) through adoption exclusively. I hope this includes at least one child with down syndrome.
  • Speaking of Down Syndrome, I volunteer for a program that teaches children with Down Syndrome how to read. It is hands down the most rewarding thing I've ever done.
  • I love a good game of cribbage, red wine, and I have maxed out the amount of stations allowed on one Pandora account. 


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere. I'm actually kind of the opposite. I have the niche fitness blog investinginfitness.net (which I just moved again), but I have had a hard time getting that off the ground. I do much better keeping up with the lifestyle blog (which I recently moved over to self hosted as embracingadventure.com). That's crazy about people using your photos to catfish people. I didn't realize you had moved 10 times. And I thought I'd moved a lot lately with 3 lol.

    1. I got back into the fitness blog and then tapered off again due to school, but I'm back again and doing a 30 day blog challenge to motivate me to post regularly. Since you were a follower of the original incarnation, I thought I'd pop by and invite you to come back to check it out and follow along with the new one if you're interested. I still plan on blogging about my fitness journey but also fitness-related books, healthy recipes I'm trying, improving wellbeing through relaxation and sleep hygiene techniques and more. If you ever want to contribute a fitness-related guest post with a link back to your blog you'd be more than welcome. Take care and happy New Year!