Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 New Year's Resolutions

This entirely unoriginal post is still going to happen because it holds me accountable and helps me look back on what I set out to accomplish in a year. I've always been a big goal setter and this year is no different. I'm so ready for 2014 and I'm kicking this list off with a big bang!

Pay off $20,000 worth of debt.
I honestly don't even know if this is possible since my full-time job is an hourly, entry-level paycheck and my extra income only makes so much at this point. I'd have to babysit 32 hours/week every week to accomplish this. Or I'd have to write 10 resumes/week and I'm nowhere near that level yet. So why $20,000? It would pay off my credit card and my smallest student loan. That student loan is interest only until March 2015 and I'd like to kick it to the curb before the minimum payments increase. I will still have 1 more interest only loan increase to deal with so I'd rather keep it at bay if I can. Fortunately, I'll be doing the spending freeze every other month of the year and will put all windfalls towards this goal. Then I'll just work my butt off at all side jobs I can find and try again to increase my full-time income.

Work smarter, not harder.
I spread myself too thin, working 4 jobs that all pay very little. I will cut back to 3 jobs and really work at making those more profitable. Then maybe I can reach that $20,000 goal of mine!

Have more dance parties!
As much as I work and worry about extra income, I need to let loose and have some fun on a regular basis! And guess what, dance parties are free! Basically what I mean is to bust a move to Beyonce or Kanye during my lunch break or after getting home from a babysitting shift or really whenever I want! It can be solo or even out with friends. No one ever regretted a dance break - unless of course they injured themselves. But I would never do that - says the girl who broke her foot falling down the stairs.

Create a successful book club/read more! 
I love getting lost in a good book and I love having an excuse to get together with girlfriends and wine. I put feelers out on Facebook and it turns out a lot of ladies were interested in doing a book club and our first meeting is at the end of January. Hopefully it sticks and becomes a fun monthly thing!

Get roommates when my lease is up.
I really enjoy having my own place. I never have to bitch or be bitched to about dishes or messes or being noisy. I can walk around naked or sing at the top of my lungs whenever I want. But being in a position where I'm still trying to meet new people and grow my life here in Minnesota, living alone doesn't help one bit. It's very anti-social, especially when I also work from home. It would be great to have a roommate, meet their friends, and have the opportunities to go out more. Additionally, it would save me at least $250/month on rent and ya know, that would certainly help goal #1 too.

Be active.
Yes, it's cliche. Everyone and their mother wants to lose weight or get fit in the new year, every damn year. And nothing ever happens. Honestly, I'm not trying to lose weight exactly. I'm fairly comfortable with my size (maybe minus my sudden appearance of a tummy roll) and in my skin. Despite a trainer recently telling me I need to lose 20lbs of pure fat to be more attractive to guys (another story for another day but no exaggeration at all), I'm not interested in restrictions from enjoying life. In this case, life = pizza, duh. But I would like to be toned and in better shape. I don't want to be out of breath doing basic things. I want to go out on the town in a short skirt every once in a while without a care about cottage cheese legs. I got a Fit Bit for Christmas and let me tell you, simply wearing it does not shed the pounds. I need to use that gym membership of mine and get my booty moving. If for nothing else, I have a bachelorette party, a vacation and a wedding to be in come May/June and I want to look and feel damn good. Single life is hard, no point in making it harder by not being confident!

When I shared this list with my parents, my dad asked if I was hoping to get a boyfriend in 2014. My answer was that it will happen when it will but it's not a goal of mine. And that's the truth. But I am on Match and I'm becoming more comfortable putting myself out there. If it happens, great. If not, I have plenty to keep me busy and happy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have champagne to drink and tables to dance on. Cheers to the new year!


  1. SUCH a great resolution post! Many blessings of health and happiness to you in the new year, Katie.

  2. I love all your goals/resolutions!! I can't wait to watch you tackle them and knock 'em all out this upcoming year. I love having other people as passionate about paying off debt as I am, its seriously motivating! We hope to pay off our remaining student loans this year and be completely debt free! :)

  3. Great resolutions - we're right there with ya on paying off $20K by the end of 2014. If we can do that our student loans would be completely gone; leaving us with just our car loan. Wahoo! Hope we both reach our goals....and have many many dance parties :)

  4. Happy new year!! These are all great goals to work towards. I am not looking forward to having to pay back student loans soon but I really hope I can stay focused and knock them as quickly as possible.